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Hand-Blown Neat Whiskey Glass

Hand-Blown Neat Whiskey Glass
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If whiskey or bourbon is your drink the NEAT Glass is for you. The quintessence of cool it breaks with tradition as it changes the way you experience your favorite whiskey. Born of meticulous research into the science of how alcoholic spirits drift to the nose the design is based on Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology. The organic open-mouth shape-The Shape of Flavor-diffuses the intense alcohol fumes and allows you to enjoy the natural aromas and essence of the spirits the large bowl and flared rim positioning the nose right over the ‘sweet spot’.

Bye-bye to the burning ‘ethanol vapor’ that ‘tickles’ the nose and hello to the delectable aromas described in the ‘tasting notes’ of your favorite whiskey bourbon single malts rum tequila and cognac too. Weighty in the hand the NEAT Glass is artisanally crafted in the USA of lead-free ChrystalynTM crystal. Dimensions:2 2/3′ width 3 1/16′ height 2 oz. capacity

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