Hand Quilting Hoop 12

Hand Quilting Hoop  12
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This is the end result of my quest to find a superbly made quilting hoop. It has been a search many years in the making. i have a hoop much like this one that i purchased //…ahem…// over 35 years ago. i have never seen one like it until now. This beautifully made hoop is manufactured in Germany and is distributed by the Edmunds company. This isn’t the hoop that you see in chain stores, nor is the hoop you probably have seen in your quilting stores. This baby will get your blood pressure up – if you get excited about good sewing tools like i do. This wonderfully crafted hardwood 12″ hoop will hold your quilt securely while you hand quilt it. It is dense, smooth, and it nests perfectly together. The hardware is strong and unobtrusive. Most hoops (even the ones i found in good quilt shops) will bend a bit – but not this one. My husband, who is a cabinet maker, took one look at it and said “buy it”. He knows how much work it would take to reproduce it – and it was looking like he would have to – until i found these!!!

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