Hand Sanitizer 2oz sanitizer Spray sanitizer Diva

Hand Sanitizer  2oz sanitizer  Spray sanitizer  Diva
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2 oz alcohol based spray hand sanitizer with all-natural ingredients. This hand sanitizer leaves your hands feeling soft and clean! Sanitizer contains no added colors, artificial fragrances, dyes, or chemical additives. No sticky residue. Features vegetable glycerin, alcohol and high grade essential oils. The formula is 70% alcohol, more than the 60% required by the cdc to effectively kill viruses and bacteria. This product has been tested on humans, not animals. This two ounce container fits perfectly in a purse or bag and has a sleek design. Also works great for in-home use. Spray bottle delivers product safely and effectively. Essential oils may separate. Shake well before use. Scents offered are: Diva Eucalyptus + Mint High Maintenance Lemon Crazy Volcano

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