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Handcrafted Stainless Steel Samoyed Keychain

Handcrafted Stainless Steel Samoyed Keychain
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● Childhood memories are the roar of factories, the “treasures” picked up from scrap heaps, the “swords” rolled out of the rails nailed in a big way, the delicate toys made of steel wire and the daily necessities that can withstand years of grinding. These pictures in my mind are yellowing, but always warm and solid.

● According to the AKC competition dog standard, angular cut shape, like a bloody youth, with the years of grinding angular will gradually soft, each scratch is a vicissitudes of memory, there is a story.

● So it must be strong and durable, guaranteeing that people are in it, people are not in it, according to the strength of industrial parts to produce, because the use of pure steel casting requires 1550 degrees of high temperature to melt, difficult, high cost, most of the market with low-cost alloy casting. We like to do things that others are unwilling to do and can not do. The value is difference. Every accessory refuses to be the same. Customized industrial pins, pull springs, hook parts are inspired by the connecting rings on fishing gear. The final assembly is done by hand with a pair of pliers.

● Note: please do not handle carefully and exert yourself. That’s the feeling.

● If you want to clean the surface, you can use rubber (sand blasting on the surface of the castings, twisting for a period of time to form a natural blackening effect is better, but also according to their own preference polishing and dressing, steel wire has been heat treated, self-ignition treatment will affect the elasticity)

● Shelf life: > lifetime

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