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Handlebar Handbag Hugger

Handlebar Handbag Hugger
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Brand new! We’re really excited to find these ingenious little devices! They’ve got to be the bee’s knees of all cycle chic products.

Want to nip out to the shops but without hulking around a basket? Got a lovely handbag you want to take out, but don’t want to dangle it dangerously from your handlebars? Just want to tuck a few bits and bobs somewhere handy, like that extra layer you may or may not need?

HURRAH! The Huggers are back and ready for immediate shipping!

Spring loaded to keep your bag safe and secure, the HHH (Handlebar Handbag Hugger) fits our handlebars perfectly and is very simple to screw into place. Made from chromium plated steel, it won’t rust and can therefore be left in place permanently. What’s more – it’s simple design and smart chrome looks wont detract from the beauty of your bicycle!

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