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Handmade Matte Black Iron & Textile Rocking Horse Stool

Handmade Matte Black Iron & Textile Rocking Horse Stool
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A minimalist rocking horse inspired by classic rocking chairs and horses. Adds a lively and light atmosphere to the space and suitable for living spaces as well as children rooms and nurseries. The rocking horse is made of a matte black iron frame which is simplistic and functional and is strong enough to carry a load up to 100 KG. The seat cushion is hand knit from a thick, soft, luxurious yarn developed by iota from the highest quality cotton and polyester. The yarn used in this piece is a complex combination of different shades which create a beautiful black with traces of fuchsia, gold and blue. It is finished with 100% shiny bright black polyester tassels. In addition to being a contemporary textile design studio iota project is a social project. They employ women who are otherwise unable to work by teaching them the crochet technique and providing them with work they can carry out from their homes.

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