Handmade Porcelain Cord Pull

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It is a handmade, porcelain cord pull. It makes a unique, quirky gift for home, for her or him. It is humorous unusual, artistic, funny and some are “tattooed” with Turkish Tulip designs. Size is as small as a toddler’s is the first functional piece that is inspired by one of my art projects. i did an installation with individually made hands several years ago. For it, i modelled friends and family members. The idea has become more evident each time i had to use the pull in my bathroom. When i install the prototype in my home, it became a desired object among friends that fuelled the idea of continuing with the achieve the right size that sits in ones hand comfortably, i had to reduce the original volume 5 times by creating the moulds that many times.many of my customers who bought this item told me they attached it to the cord of doorbells, fans, curtains, blinds, purely decorative purposes, ties for the upright lamps and i am sure i will be hearing more places as time goes.the pull with a nail varnish comes with gold nail varnish. If you prefer a different colour, please let me know.happy Pulling

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