Handpan 2020 model by Ketut Suda and the original

Handpan 2020 model by Ketut Suda and the original
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Bali steel pan tuned by Ketut Suda. In stock now i have: d Celtic minor d Ursa Minor d Matahari (major) e paradiso f integral minor Low b2 major d minor pentatonic 9 We can also add two additional notes to the bottom of the instrument. This is our newest model handpan. With a double elliptical dimple in the center note. It is made from 1.2 millimeter sheet steel and not the bottom of an oil barrel. Also it is not painted. Please contact me if you have any questions about our new models or would like to see more pictures and videos. 21″ diameter with 2 cm rim New metal hardening process Thicker metal More sustain and stronger harmonics Choose from one of our new scales. Will ship in 4-6 weeks Includes a high quality case from Namana. d Major/ b minor d – a b d e f# g b

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