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Hannya DemonBell

Hannya DemonBell
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“Hannya” DemonBell Bringing to life the style and rich heritage of Japanese warrior art, this “Hannya” DemonBell is truly a unique piece for you gym, home or office. You can place the Zen Garden Kit next to it so you can have an Asian decor.

The Japanese Hannya Mask, popularized by modern tattoo design, is the most well known of Oni demon masks. What began as an ornamental, aesthetically inspired design, has been put through extensive testing and evaluation, producing a fully functional work of art.

The back of the new redesigned 35 lb’er has the same ergonomic features found in our Performance Line. The 3 flat, angled sections are designed to align with the angle of your forearm during overhead movements like the snatch, the increased surface area of the contact patch reduces impact forces on your forearm by up to 90%!(patents pending) Price listed is for a single DemonBell.

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