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Hasselblad H5X Medium Format Camera

Hasselblad H5X Medium Format Camera
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Versatility comes to the fore again by offering the Hasselblad Medium Format SLR Camera Body with HVD 90x Viewfinder, Battery and Charger that uses H5 technology, with all its advantages, together with the opportunity of exploiting HCD 24mm, HCD 28mm and the HCD 35-90mm lenses with film magazines and 3rd party digital backs. Although aimed primarily at current H1, H2, H2F and H4X users wishing to upgrade to H5 capabilities, the H5X can naturally act as a backup for H5D users too. For 3rd party digital backs, the H5X offers the same functionality as the H4X.

Wide range of high performance lenses
The H5X lens program is designed and engineered by Hasselblad to meet the highest optical performance specifications. The HC and HCD lenses cover a wide spectrum of focal lengths and feature the fastest and most precise auto-focus system there is today. The unique HCD 24mm wide-angle lens, the HCD 28mm and the HCD 35-90 Zoom lens have been tailored for digital use with a 36×48 mm sensor, and only a slight drop in performance is experienced at the edge of the image when working with larger sensors. The integral lens shutters allow for flash sync down to 1/800 second. The lens shutter also provides silent and vibration-free operation.

Superior Viewfinder program
The viewfinder is the most important interface between the photo grapher and the subject. The large and bright viewfinder of the H5X camera shows the image crisp and clear, letting you work even in dim lighting with perfect result. The HV 90X view-finder covers the full area of the HC lens line. It also offers near 100% image view and eyesight dioptre correction. The large eye-piece also allows full image view even when wearing glasses.
Please Note: Lens not included.

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