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Hatha LED Desk Lamp in Sunrise Orange

Hatha LED Desk Lamp in Sunrise Orange
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An exquisite combination of rubber and metal, The Hatha Light is an LED table lamp that bends like the human body. A flexible spine is embedded in the rubber lamp body, which allows the users to adjust the Hatha Light freely at different angles and heights to meet various needs. Integrated into the body is a high powered LEDs and lens design, the Hatha Light delivers sufficient brightness for reading use.

Inspiration: Hatha Yoga, the world’s oldest system of physical and mental exercise from India, is a method of harmonizing one’s body and mind. It refers to masculine aspects – active, hot and the sun and feminine aspects – receptive, cool and the moon – within all of us. It is the combination of Yin and Yan Inspired by this inner-peace-seeking exercise, the Hatha Lamp is formed with a zinc alloy metal base and bendable rubber lamp body. Adjustable and able to twist at any angle, the Hatha Light represents a balance of strength and flexibility, an instrument that lights up your inner life.

Bendable rubber Body
Integrated dimmer
High powered LED
SMT LEDs are longer lasting and more durable than regular LEDs

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