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HatHub – Stack’em & Pack’em!

HatHub – Stack’em & Pack’em!
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What does the HatHub do?

The HatHub protects the integrity of your hat when you are not wearing it. It is particularly beneficial when travelling but can also be used to store your hats at home or in the car. Made of durable plastic and other quality materials, the HatHub holds 1-3 hats and can fit in your suit case or backpack. It can also clip on the outside of your travel bag or the headrest of your car.

Who is it for?

It is perfect for travel baseball players, golfers, umpires, and basically anyone else who wants to keep his or her hats looking good. Fisherman? Traveling businessman? Teenager? From the college athlete to the father on a family vacation, the HatHub is the ideal gift for anyone who owns a hat!

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