HEAVY-DUTY RECLAIMED Wood Floating Shelves WIth Steel Brackets

HEAVY-DUTY RECLAIMED Wood Floating Shelves WIth Steel Brackets
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Finish in the primary photo is clear wax. disclaimer: Reclaimed wood is just that, reclaimed. It is very distressed, contains holes of all sizes, knots, has cracks (which do not affect the integrity of the wood, i.e partial thickness, can be varying colors within a piece, can be slightly warped or bowed and is largely imperfect. In addition wood is cut and sold in nominal dimensions meaning thickness and depth can vary by up to 1/2. a 2×4 you buy at your home improvement store is not 2×4. This is industry standard. With that being said we cannot warranty against any of those things which occur in the natural process of aging and due to exposure to elements, oils, foot traffic, chemicals, etc. We do not warranty against color choice as each board may take color somewhat differently. Please make an educated decision as to whether reclaimed wood is the right product for your project. We cannot accept returns or exchanges outside of an error on our part, as this is a service business with a great deal of overhead and employees and we must get paid for our labor. Note: If you find reclaimed products offered for much less chances are you will not be receiving reclaimed wood but rather a milled product that you can find at your local lumber yard. Always ask questions and take the time to educate yourself on what you are looking to purchase, so that your expecations are met upon receipt.. Beware of those who attempt to pass off common woods found at local lumber yards as reclaimed to make a quick sale. ask questions! This listing is for 1 custom made heavy-duty reclaimed wood floating shelf with steel bracket. These shelves are rated to hold between 60 to 300 lbs. of evenly distributed weight based on their length and when mounted into wall studs. These shelves are made using 6″, 7.5″ or 9.5″ deep nominal lumber and are available in lengths up to 84″ long. The back steel bracket contains 2 or more steel posts (the longer the shelf the more posts) and gets affixed to the wall using anchors and #8 by 2 long wood screws into your wall studs and drywall. The shelf has holes drilled into the back. You simply push the shelf backward and evenly onto the posts, up against the wall. These shelves look great anywhere and hold a great deal of weight! We cut to any length up to 84″ long! Thank you for your interest! The steel brackets provided for the 6″, 7.75″ and 9.5″ deep shelves are heavy-duty rated and hold 60 pounds per metal post that the bracket contains. Actual dimensions of an 8″ piece of lumber are 7.5″ to 7.75″ and a 10″ piece of lumber measures 9.5″ to 9.75″ just like milled wood you’d purchase at your local lumber yard. Wood is sold in nominal dimensions.

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