Hecate Witch Box Goddess Protection Altar Wicca Shrine

Hecate Witch Box Goddess Protection Altar Wicca Shrine
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Hecate altar/shrine/witch box. Hecate is the protector of witches. This shrine honours the goddess and protects the owner. Created and charged at the full moon this shrine contains: candle, herb bundle, cinnamon incense, brass burner/bowl, moonstone, triple goddess stone, vial of thyme, amulet stone, pentagram, key, silver moon and wolf charm and hawthorne wand. All items are hand created and original to each buyer so will differ. i also no longer do smudge sticks you will receive a material wrapped herb bundle. Please be aware of this before purchasing. Please feel free to ask any questions. T&Cs Colour and content items may differ slightly from those pictured. We can make no guarantees as to the effectiveness of products and no responsibility for misuse of products At no time should any of the psychic services, Tarot readings, Astrological readings or Spell casting services be viewed as a substitute for proper, professional advice or counselling in any life area. By purchasing items you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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