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Helix Wearable Cuff with Bluetooth Headphones

Helix Wearable Cuff with Bluetooth Headphones
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Helix Wearable Cuff with Bluetooth Headphones
The Helix Cuff is equipped with the most advanced sound technology you’ll ever find in a Bluetooth wearable tech gadget. Smart Multipoint Connectivity, AptX technology, cVc noise reduction, and Bluetooth 4.1 will give you the experience of a lifetime. These awesome innovations fit perfectly inside the stylish and convenient Helix Cuff to deliver incredible stereo sound in a incredibly small cuff.

Audio Enhancement
Helix headphones are equipped with cVc® technology. cVc brings advanced audio enhancements and noise suppression to the near and far end, as well as providing packet loss and bit error concealment to deliver the best possible call quality on the Bluetooth headset. We know how important it is to be able to call someone without interference. You’ll never have to worry about someone not being able to hear you on a call with the Helix Cuff.

A Revolution in Fashion, Technology, and Sound
The Helix Cuff was designed for music-lovers, tech users, and smartphone mavens. You have better things to do than deal with tangled headphones.The Helix Cuff is an innovative wearable that delivers an amazing sound experience in a convenient bracelet that’s on the cutting edge of modern fashion trends. Carrying headphones is practical and stylish with the Helix Cuff. The Helix Cuff is an exceptional wearable tech device that makes life simple for people who are always on the go.

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