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Hello Hallway Ceiling Sticker

Hello Hallway Ceiling Sticker
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Our ‘hello’ ceiling art is a gorgeously simple way to roll out the metaphorical red carpet to folk visiting your home or office.

In terms of interiors, ceilings are such an under-utilised space where a lot of us miss an opportunity to add a stamp of our personality and style. Not only will this ceiling art make the people at your door smile, but it’ll keep your chin up and lift your spirits each time you see it too. Promise.

This typographic design was created by Kerry Lyons and is made to order. The self-adhesive vinyl is really easy to apply (providing you have a ladder to reach the ceiling that is), and is available in a classy selection of colours; solid black, light grey, metallic silver, metallic gold and metallic copper. Take a look at the juicy close-up shots to see which suits your style best.
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Each print is cut from soft PVC vinyl with a gloss finish, and comes with a backing paper to help position and release the vinyl to the ceiling or surface. While it’s still attached to the backing paper, you can reposition the vinyl as much as you need to get it just right. But once the backing paper is peeled away, these babies get super-sticky so there’s no need to worry about them falling down.

Top tip: Make sure your ceiling/wall surface is thoroughly cleaned from dust, grease or any contamination which could affect the stickiness of the vinyl. Any freshly painted surfaces should be allowed to dry and cure completely.

This piece measures 123 x 41cm

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