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Helsinki Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Helsinki Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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A Helsinki portable loudspeaker is freedom of movement.
The small speaker includes a powerful ion battery, bluetooth connection and a leather strap allowing you to bring your music along wherever you go.
N.C. Madsen created his speaker company in 1933 in a small Danish village with a desire to fuse authentic sound with simple yet refined design.

Each speaker embodies exceptional sound, premium materials, and progressive technology all of which are brought to you in a sophisticated yet compact product.
A solid diecast aluminum frame, wool fabric woven by leading Danish textile designer Kvadrat and an interchangeable leather strap crafted by Swedish leather manufacturer Tarnsjo Garveri.

The Helsinki loudspeaker is made to share. Your friends can connect their phones with your speaker using bluetooth or pair with NFC-technology. And there’s no need to pair up again next time, if someone else is playing a song, your selection will simply be next in the queue.
The sound quality is exceptional, and not just for a product of its size. The Helsinki has Force Balance Woofers, DSP crossover for low distortion and high precision, and a digital pure path amplifier.

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