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Herbie Mousebot Kit

Herbie Mousebot Kit
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A great introduction to the world of building robotics, Solarboticís Herbie the Mousebot is a 9-volt battery-powered, light-following robot that loves to chase flashlight beams. These little robots are so quick, you have to run to keep up to them! Herbie even has functional whisker and tail sensors, so he doesnít get stuck in corners, or under obstacles, while chasing around. If there are several Herbies in the same area, they can even be configured to chase each other!

Herbie comes as a build-it-yourself kit that does not use any microprocessors or programming. You’re supplied with all parts as shown in the picture, as well as documentation to put him together. The instructions contain many pictures and simple descriptions to make the building process easy and fun, especially for beginners.

You can use the Sony Alpha Camera to take photos or film your kids when they play with this cool robot.

Tools Required:
Basic Soldering Equipment
Eye protection (goggles)
Needle-nose pliers
Fine snips
Medium/heavy duty snips
Small File
Scissors / Knife
Masking Tape
Flashlight or IR Remote control (for testing)
1 – Herbie PCB (3 Pieces)
1 – Herbie Battery Board
1 – LM386 IC
1 – 8-Pin IC Socket (for the LM386)
2 – IR Sensors
1 – 3904 Transistor
1 – Relay
1 – Power Switch
1 – Tail Spring Sensor
1 – 4.7k Resistor (Yellow / Purple / Red)
1 – Double Sided Sticky Tape (îDSSTî)
2 – Motors
2 – Rubber Tires
1 – 22µF Capacitor
1 – Paperclip
1 – Nose Bead
2 – Whisker Wires, 30cm (12î)
1 – Heat Shrink, 1/4î length of 1/8î dia.
1 – Spare Wire to replace lost resistor clippings
Not Included: 1 – 9V Battery

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