Heretical Nonsense Stamp Heretical Garbage Catholic gag

Heretical Nonsense Stamp  Heretical Garbage  Catholic gag
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No longer will you have to endure your guests’ (or students’) questioning looks and painful embarrassment as they peruse your well-stocked bookshelf and see Augustine’s confessions, the Didache, several excellent translations of the New Testament, and then – The God Delusion. Simply stamp each of the offending books with this self-inking stamp which warns in bright red ink (and Medieval script to boot): Heretical Nonsense / for research purposes only. Great gift for theology professors, seminarians, pastors, students of theology, catechisms, deacons, priests, or anyone with a love for the church and a good sense of humor. Note, these do not come in separate varieties for Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, and Lutheran. The same stamp works for all. Bundle and Save! Add a coordinating magnet and save off the price of purchasing the magnet separately. Check out our other stamps, including save for kindling, utter drivel: to be read ironically, logical fallacy, and our mail stamp deceased ( ) Fwd to Afterlife (x) Return to Sender

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