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Hi-Lifer: Your Discreet Multi-Chamber Storage

Hi-Lifer: Your Discreet Multi-Chamber Storage
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The New Standard for the Discrete Storage and Transport of Dry Herbs, Oils, Waxes and Accessories. Arriving Early Summer 2016. The concept for creating the Hi-Lifer was born out of the frustration we’ve all felt attempting to haphazardly transport our smallest, most-prized possessions without success.

Before Hi-Lifer, transportation mediums usually took the form of baggies, pop-top pill bottles that never seem to stay closed, socks and anything else that made sense. Utilizing these types of arbitrary carrying cases typically resulted spills, leaks, strong odors and, ultimately, discovery. Hi-Lifer provides a solution for everyone who is ready to have a sensible option to carrying their most cherished items.

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