Hide-A-Ride Ceiling Bike Rack

Hide-A-Ride Ceiling Bike Rack
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Reclaim your space with the Hide-A-Ride Ceiling Bike Rack!

This space-saving design is a mechanical rack built to keep your bike securely out of the way by mounting it against a ceiling, saving you plenty of floor space.

It is a suitable choice if you live in a cramped apartment, where you don’t have enough space to store your bike.

Hide-A-Ride Ceiling Bike Rack has some great features

  • Easy to install

You can easily mount this bicycle rack anywhere in your basement, or garage.

Hide-A-Ride takes no more space than the size of your doorway. It comes with all the hardware and installation instructions required for mounting.

  • Ergonomic design

If you need to do some repairs on your bike, the rack serves just right to carry out your maintenance work. As it is placed perfectly at shoulder height.

You can secure the Hide-A-Ride onto a ceiling beam in your basements or garage, or even mount it in narrow spaces like an entrance(now i’m really saving some space in my apartment!).

Once you have secured the rack, position your bicycle against the upper frame hook and lock it in place.

If you want to lower your bicycle, unlock the top frame and let it slide to you (easy, isn’t it?).

  • Build to last

Made from top-quality aluminum, solid steel and military-grade fasteners, the bike rack is  built to last.

The soft Neoprene coated steel hooks guarantee zero damage to your bike. Can easily hold weight up to 50 lbs (23 kg), while there is also a separate locking loop for added storage safety.

  • Easy to operate

No matter how big or heavy your bike is, the rack’s kinematic drop system guarantees that your bike is lowered at a slow, safe, and steady pace.

This rack is created to mount on standard 8-foot tall ceilings. Is suitable for bicycles that have a horizontal frame and crossbars like a road bike.

Hide-A-Ride Ceiling Bike Rack also serves as a perfect tool to carry out bike maintenance. It is placed conveniently close to shoulder height.

It proves quite useful as a rack for changing tires, lubricating chains or performing overall bicycle maintenance.

You can find more info about Hide-A-Ride Ceiling Bike Rack in this video

With Hide-A-Ride Ceiling Bike Rack you don’t need to worry about the space the bike takes in your apartment or garage. You can easily “hide” it away with this cool rack.

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