High Ball: An Electronic Game for the Seriously Baked

High Ball: An Electronic Game for the Seriously Baked
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  • high concept: High Ball is an aesthetically pleasing object that uses led lights to create great visuals. There’s a relaxing light mode (Really High Mode) that will transform any room or even campfires into a light show. There’s also a fun, handheld challenging game (High Mode) which puts your reflexes to a test.
  • really high mode: Just sit back and relax as you let High Ball fill the room with its colors and music (can be muted) . Set it on your coffee table,or your desk, and let it flow through its dynamic”ll notice that the designs shift speed, creating a wave-like effect. Also great for the outdoors at night,at concerts, and as a night light for kids.
  • high mode: Move the correct light to the top and increase your score. High mode is an action puzzle game of quick reactions, dexterity, and skill. Race against the clock through 8 challenging levels as they increase in difficulty.
  • bring the party: Set High Ball on the table, or in a corner to amplify the party experience. Your friends will enjoy the atmosphere that Really High Mode creates or challenge each other to a quick game of High Mode. The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys colors in their life. a great present for all ages.’, “high quality: High Ball’s battery lasts a minimum of 2 hours, and comes with a charging cable, stand, and an instruction manual. High Ball can sustain a four foot drop. We’re available to help with anything you need. Guaranteed to result in high fives and good times.
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