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High Tech, Aluminum Slim Wallets for Men with RFID Blocking

High Tech, Aluminum Slim Wallets for Men with RFID Blocking
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ANTI-THEFT​ TECHNOLOGY:​ The Equilibrium men’s smart wallet was designed with your protection and privacy in mind, which is why our sophisticated and sleek line of slim wallets utilizes RFID blocking technology. RFID accessories work by preventing your cards and driver’s license information from being electronically pickpocketed or “skimmed.” With our insulated protection device, scam artists can’t read your chips, keeping your personal information secure from identity theft.

THIN, SLEEK​ DESIGN -​ Say goodbye to bulky pockets, billfolds digging into your leg, or back pain from sitting awkwardly on thick wallets. With an ultra slim, metal case and a strong elastic band, this tactical aluminum wallet fits seamlessly in any suit, jacket, or front pants pocket without excessive or obnoxious bulge. Styled in a handsome “gunmetal grey” color, the Equilibrium minimalistic card holder embodies boldness and class.

SIMPLE FUNCTIONALITY ​FOR SIMPLE NEEDS ​- With no compartments, zippers, or sleeves, this modern wallet carries the essentials – cash, cards, and an ID. Your items are securely held together by an elastic band, allowing you to comfortably travel with about 10 plastic cards. The band doubles as a money clip that you can quickly and easily access just using your thumb. Our compact, thin wallet is for the man who values efficiency and doesn’t like to fuss with items like loose change and receipts.
HEAVY DUTY, STURDY​ CONSTRUCT:​ Comprised of premium, high-grade aluminum, the Equilibrium anti-theft smart clips won’t bend, frey, or discolor like leather or nylon money wallets. Incredibly durable, waterproof, and weather-resistant, these versatile rfid wallets can go with you to the office, to the airport, out camping, or on a hike without you worrying about them maintaining their integrity. Extra strong, our tech wallets will last you a lifetime.

THE PERFECT ​GIFT​ FOR ALMOST ANY OCCASION: ​These designer cash holders make for a thoughtful and practical present for various events. Whether celebrating Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, Christmas, or just looking for a great groomsmen gift, these business accessories are great for boys, teenagers, and grown men. Even women love how lightweight, convenient and attractive these windowed wallets look and feel!

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