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HiLight Solar Charger & Lantern by HiNation

HiLight Solar Charger & Lantern by HiNation
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HiNation HiLight is a 100% solar powered lamp with charging functionality. It is adapted to suit users with light and charging needs; mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras and similar. Very suitable for customers lacking electricity; in their home, on trips, camping or other adventures!

Up to 20 hours of light or 3-10 mobile phone charges from only 10 hours of sunlight
Strong light, enough to light a small room (360°) for reading, working or socializing
Charges mobile phones, GPS, MP3, digital camera and similar via USB outlet
Charges from the sun, the wall outlet or your computer (micro-USB)
Compact & robust construction
Water resistant

Easy to hang, put down or carry
All-in-one construction; no pieces to be assembled
Light-weight, ~430g
High-efficiency solar cell and LED diode
CE certified according to European safety regulation
No environmentally harmful substances (RoHS compliant)

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