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His & Hers Gift Set

His & Hers Gift Set
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This gift set is ideal for both men and women. It features the masculine scent “Mandarin Lime Basil” which is a perfect blend of ripe mandarins and limes with freshly cut basil. The “French Cade Lavender” scent is ideal for a relaxing day or night for any occasion.

Our candles are hand-poured with a luxurious, elixir of a fine soy and crafted with the highest ingredients and pristine packaging. Each burn promises an experience for the senses while bringing you the finest, organic and earth-friendly scented candles.

We are the new standard in luxury home decor.


Burn time is approximately 50 combined hours.
Shaded glass adorned in the finest precious 22K white-gold metal glass container
Low melting point. Wax can be used as essential oils for your skin and massaging.
100% soy wax blend
Hand poured in the United States
100% cotton wicks

No animal testing
Sustainably and responsibly pesticide-free
Phthalates, parabens and sulfate free
Quality of fragrance uncompromised

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