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Hitcase Waterproof and Shockproof for iPhone

Hitcase Waterproof and Shockproof  for iPhone
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Hitcase wasn’t designed to be an everyday iPhone case. Hitcase was made with the idea that the iPhone is a beautiful device, why would you want to cover up something so beautiful all the time? Hitcase is made to be used when its needed and easy to get off when you don’t. No complicated or fiddly bits, just pop the latches and get your phone out.

Hitcase Pro was designed to be tough enough to handle abuse, yet still gives you complete access and is easily removed in seconds. It’s like a pair hiking boots. You put them on when you need them, and Hitcase makes it easy to do just that.
The best action camera is the one you’ve already got.

Hitcase was built for outdoor and action sports enthusiasts who love sharing their adventures with friends. With the beautiful wide angle lens and the free Vidometer app you can easily upload your crazy rides to Youtube and Instagram, instantly.

Share Instantly
No more transferring files to a computer, editing and uploading videos to your favorite video and social media sites! Edit and share, instantly, directly from your iPhone.

Wide Angle Lens – Expand Your View of the World
Hitcase Pro has a built in custom 170° wide angle lens for capturing beautiful photos and videos. It greatly expands your effective field of view on your iPhone so you can grab more of the scene in your videos.

Turns your iPhone 5 into an Action Camera
Build in custom three element glass lens for wide angle 170 degree field of view
Waterproof up to 30 feet (10 meters)
Shock Seal and ShockPad surround the iPhone to absorb vibration and impact
Railslide Mount System is GoPro mount-compatible

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