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Holi Smart Mood Lamp

Holi Smart Mood Lamp
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Holi transforms all décors, connects to your music to create memorable moments and wakes you up gently: holî, it’s the perfect light for the perfect moment.

Holî’s design is sophisticated, understated and sleek, making it a smooth addition to any room. Underneath its aluminum frame, holî boasts cutting-edge hardware and 18 individually controlled high-power LED lights which project dynamic and multi-colored lighting. Once the app has been installed on an iPod, iPhone or iPad, holî quickly connects via Bluetooth and is easy to use.

Holî has more than 50 exclusive themes, produced by professional light designers, to match every moment and mood.

Alternatively, the user can express individual creativity by designing a personal theme, including advanced multicolor and dynamic choreographies.

Pack contents:

– One multidimensional holî lamp in aluminum with 18 high-efficiency LEDs
– One wall adapter (100/240 V – 50/60 Hz)
– App available for free on the App Store (requires iOS version 6.0 or later)

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