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Homesick Scented Candles

Homesick Scented Candles
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60-80 hour burn time.
All natural soy wax.
Made in the USA.
Hand poured in small batches.

Alabama: Scents of wet Road from a summer Storm, sweet Blackberries, giant Southern magnolias and nutty pecan

Alaska: Smells like Mountain spruce, cedar and forest moss with hints of crisp winter air and glacial melt water take you back to America’s last frontier

Arizona: Scents of the Grand Canyon with touches of Desert sand, blue Agave, lime, and orange citrus fill your home with the great Arizona outdoors

Colorado: Scents of spruce needles and spice burn through with elements of melting snow, cedar, sandalwood, and hints of amber and cinnamon

Connecticut: Smells like top notes of nutmeg, lemon, and eucalyptus bring to mind warm-baked pies, while Hay, clove, and oak moss evoke brisk days spent outdoors

Delaware: Scents of just-picked Strawberries, orange zest, and the rushing Waters of the Delaware River

Florida: The scents of Florida finest citrus and a subtle undertone of bergamot give way to woody mangroves and Spanish moss finished with vanilla and amber

Georgia: Scents of Magnolia and aster flower are combined with Georgia prided Peaches and soft Undertones of cool sweet tea

Hawaii: The scent of pineapple and coconut, along with Sandy Seashore breezes, Ocean tides, cyclamen flowers, and just a hint of sugar cane

Idaho: Recall the cool, clean smell of Idaho’s snowy caps and cedar snow lodges with this fragrance, combining the fresh scents of spruce needles, melting snow, sandalwood, and the comforting aroma of cinnamon and amber

Illinois: Smells like a Floral bouquet of honeysuckle, lavender, White flower, and violets with hints of grain Fields

Indiana: Smells like popped kettle Corn, Hay, and selvedge denim are finished lightly with vanilla and a hints of coconut and White musk

Iowa: Scents of nutty praline, buttery accents, cream, and a touch of Bourbon Mesh with complex Undertones of cedarwood and White musk for a fresh, clean finish

Kansas: Scents of rain Storms, sunflowers, and the grassy expanse of the open Plains, and balanced with light citrus notes, lime, moss, and amber

Kentucky: Scents of Bourbon, praline, rich cedarwood, vanilla, tonka bean and a touch of mint

Louisiana: Packed with a beautiful southern bouquet of magnolia, honeysuckle, and country jasmine, we balance the floral scents of the Pelican state with notes of Louisiana sweet potato and a lightly sweet citrus mix.

Maine: Scents of fresh Maine Blueberries, Pine wood, and Autumn hayrides. Woody notes of cedarwood and patchouli balanced by a Floral bouquet of lavender and honeysuckle

Maryland: The scent of Salt water, ginger, Bay Leaf, and thyme define the old line state

Massachusetts: Smells like apple cider, simmering coffee, and just-baked doughnuts. Sweet hints of tonka bean are balanced by spicy cinnamon and a touch of fragrant clove

Michigan: The smell of tart cherries and rich chocolate evoke memories of the great lakes state

Minnesota: Scents of the North star state. Baked Apples, Puff pastry, fresh Cypress with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove

Mississippi: Scent of Blooming Magnolia flowers combine with a lime accent and the clear scent of Waterfalls

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