Honey Sampler 8 varieties of pure raw honey

Honey Sampler  8 varieties of pure raw honey
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Here’s a variety package for those who love honey and can’t decide which one they should get. You receive two ounces of each type of honey, bottled in a glass hexagon shaped jar, each labeled with the variety (as seen in the second picture). They measure 2″ tall and 1.6″ wide at the base. The varieties of honey in this set are: Spring Harvest – very light, mild, and delicate Summer Harvest – sprightly sweet, yet still mild- a wildflower blend of clover, canada thistle, wild blackberries, and more Fall Harvest – more robust wildflower honey from goldenrod and asters- butterscotch notes Tulip Poplar – rich honey primarily from tulip poplar trees Buckwheat – bittersweet honey that is high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals Lavender Infused – summer honey infused with lavender herbs (great for tea!) Lemon Verbena Infused – summer honey infused with lemon verbena herbs (great for tea!) Chunk Honey – a chunk of honeycomb surrounded by summer honey Please note- these do not come in a gift box. If you are looking for these jars inside a gift box, we have that option in our Etsy store as well:

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