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Hook & Ring Game With Bottle Opener

Hook & Ring Game With Bottle Opener
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NEW FOR 2018 – We removed the large logo on the face of the wood and just have a small logo on the metal bottle opener. This makes for a nice clean design. Don’t be fooled by the knock-off games that are springing up here. It’s amazing how fast companies that lack creativity will steal the design of a successful product, make it from inferior materials and try to pass it off as their own. Sorry about the rant, but knock-offs are getting out of hand here and it’s increasingly difficult for a small company like mine to compete with this nonsense. Thanks in advance for your support and feel free to hit us up on our site if you have questions. Now back to the product description…

This is a classic hook and ring game with the added bonus of a bottle opener and a magnetic bottle cap catch. I came up with this unique design in 2015 and it’s been selling like crazy ever since. Let’s begin with the hook and ring game. Some people call this Hook and Ring game by other names like, Bimini Ring, Ring the Bull, or Ring Toss. This addictive game is simple in concept but requires some skills to master. To play, just stand back and swing the ring. Get the ring to stick onto the hook and you score a point. Each player takes turns swinging the ring 10 times and the first player to reach the pre-determined point value wins the game. Move down the game a bit and we have a bottle opener. Under the bottle opener you will find a super strong neodymium magnet to catch the bottle caps. The magnet will hold over 24 bottle caps. Very cool!

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