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Hot Wheels iNitro Speeders

Hot Wheels iNitro Speeders
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Hot Wheels RC iNitro Speeders 2.0 Collection: Phone it in. Nitro Speeders 2.0 vehicles come with an adaptor that can turn an iPhone, iPad or iTouch into the remote controller.

Use the built-in app movements or choose the motion control options for advanced technological fun. Nitro Speeders vehicles continue to deliver super-fast, highly responsive action and travel at scale speeds of up to 600 MPH. Each sold separately. Collect them all.

Phone it in, just plug it in and get ready to race
Turns your iPhone, iPad or iTouch into a remote controller
Use built-in app movements or motion control
Reach scale speeds of up to 600 MPH
Small enough to fit in your pocket, race wherever you go

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