How to open a shop How to open a store How to sell on Etsy

How to open a shop How to open a store How to sell on Etsy
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Updated february 22, 2020: The most common mistake most people make in starting an Etsy shop is that they immediately begin setting up their Etsy store and dive right in without having a plan or understanding of how they are going to compete with 2+ million shops. Or they don’t even know where to start. Then they wonder why they are not making any sales or why their shop is not profitable. If you are an artisan and want to sell your creations on Etsy or already have an Etsy shop set up, then this guide is for you! Starting your own business can be scary, particularly if you have no business experience. Do not fear. i will take it step by step and make this process as simple as possible. ? # of pages: 35+ Page pdf. This is a pdf download. No hard copy will be sent. Written in English. ? contents: 10 Steps: 1. Identify the what, who and why. (product, market, brand) 2. Sign up for a seller account on Etsy. 3. Name your shop. 4. Preparing to sell on Etsy: (sections & variations, listing description, pricing, packaging, photographs). 5. Create product listings. 6. Customize your shop. 7. Other considerations: (taxes, registered business) 8. Open for business. 9. seo (search engine optimization) 10. Continuous improvement ? my experience: In top 1% of all Etsy Sellers in terms of total number of sales. Masters Degree in Business and Bachelor of Business Administration from York University ? need more help with etsy?: seo (Get Found in Search):

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