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Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display

Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display
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Hudly Wireless helps you drive smarter while staying connected, reducing driving stress by casting critical driving info directly in your line of sight. Access navigation & speed without taking your eyes off the road.

Problem: Cell phones are a deadly distraction on the road
Cell phone usage while driving leading to 1.6 million crashes each year in the US. But they’re also critical when you’re lost in an unknown city or NEED to answer your boss. Existing GPS and phone mounts try to provide safer solutions, but the driver still has to look away from the road to use them. A split second is all it takes for an accident to occur.

Solution: Keep your eyes on the road with our head-up display
Meet Hudly Wireless, the head-up display (HUD) that lets you access critical driving info by wirelessly casting it into your line of sight. Cast your smartphone app of choice or navigate with the free Hudly app, optimized for use on a HUD. Connect optional smart modules so car diagnostics like speed, RPMs, and fuel levels can be displayed. Upgrade your drive today!

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