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Huenster Plushies

Huenster Plushies
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Do hue need some color in your life? The adorable Huensters will surely brighten up your day!

Bubbly Doodle and Peter Mcgrath are group of friends who have been designing toys and other crafts through their artistic imagination. We make real our creative power through stuffed toys. Our group of friends are experimental in pursuit of ideas, focusing on pushing new boundaries. Until one day, we asked ourselves, “What is life without color?”.

Today, we are excited to introduce Bubbly Doodle’s Huensters, the most colorful monsters in town! These adorable animated creatures, are oozing with cuteness. It will surely provide meaningful experience to your kids. Bubbly Doodle will continue to expand its abilities and create new concepts, highlighting that in all its colors, life is truly beautiful.

Lightlime: The sweet and naive Huenster loves his gummy bear candies that he’ll despise you if you take one from him. Adopt this Huenster to bring happiness to your home with his mischievous sweetness.

Bubbleblue: The loyal and peaceful Huenster gives you advise especially in your studies. Being the smartest of all the Huensters, he loves to show his ideas through his imagination. Join his adventures by adopting this adorable creature and your home will be filled with his bubbling ideas.

Sushipink: This sophisticated and clingy creature loves to get your attention. An avid fan of lip balms, she will do anything in her power just to have one. Bring her into your room and you will be surprised with how she adorns and organizes your room in the theme of pink.

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