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Huffy 24 Volt Electric Green Machine

Huffy 24 Volt Electric Green Machine
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Thrilling speed, amazing drifts, extreme slides and unforgettable spins – get ready for a ride on the Huffy Electric Green Machine! With 24-volt battery power, the fun ride is easy to maneuver. An easy push button starts the fun. Dual-stick steering and a handbrake work together to give you total control of the action. The Huffy Electric Green Machine is designed to be comfortable while you enjoy all of the thrills. The design makes it easy to stretch your legs while the bucket seat adjusts positions – perfect to find the right fit. The durable design includes wide slick tires. The 24-volt battery is included and the charger. (two 12-volt batteries)

Extreme drifts, slides and spins make the Electric Green Machine a thrill machine! Push the Power Button and go! The dual-stick steering and handbrake put you in control of incredible thrill action.
Reaching speeds up to 12 miles per hour the Huffy Electric Green Machine is ready for thrills. In addition to the speed, the drifts, slides and spins bring on the extreme action!

The roomy ride is designed for rider comfort. The adjustable bucket seat makes it easy to get the right fit, which helps a lot as kids grow
Designed for thrills and amazing rides, the Huffy Electric Green Machine is a 24-volt battery powered ride, that typically runs for 30 minutes
The Electric Green Machine is designed with wide rear tires to make the most of every drift, slide and spin

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