Huma-i (HI-150), Advanced Portable Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

Huma-i (HI-150), Advanced Portable Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Monitor
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The air, you’re breathing, is safe?

Huma-i has thought about the major concerns of the mothers over and over, especially moms with young children, whose immune system is a little bit weak. One of their concerns is, definitely, to bring up their kids with safety and health.

However, the number of annual death by air pollution, unfortunately, is increasing every year. According to WHO(World Health Organization), the number of death by indoor air pollution exceeds the number by outdoor air pollution. Now staying indoor is not safe anymore.

Here’s solution by Huma-i.

Huma-i let the moms to see the invisible air pollution, by measuring air quality anytime and anywhere immediately. Huma-i will help mom & baby, at least from the polluted air, to live in a safe and healthy condition.

Anytime & Anywhere with Huma-i

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