HYM Originals Duo Turntable with Detachable Bluetooth Speaker

HYM Originals Duo Turntable with Detachable Bluetooth Speaker
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  • Plays 33-1/3 and 45 RPM vinyl records. Deceleration belt design and unique rotational stabilization help minimize vibrations on the record
  • Hybrid design with detachable Bluetooth speaker, carry the Bluetooth speaker with you to keep the music going when records playing, the maximum range of 10 to 15 meters. Perfect way of listening ti your favorite Guardians of the Galaxy vinyl.
  • Integrated phono amplifier and power amplifier in an ultra-compact setup. No additional amplifiers or fussy connection
  • Features Qualcomm CSR8670 chip and aptX Bluetooth protocol to create lossless sound dispersion with a flat frequency response. Two DUO speakers could be paired when you press the Bluetooth buttons at the same time. DUO will automatically configure them into left and right channels to make your music come to life in wall-to-wall sound
  • DUO’s tonearm has a spring at the end, replacing the traditional counterweight to automatically balance the tracking force at 2.5 g. The tonearm cartridge’s high precision creates an accurate signal reproduction with <0.9% distortion rate, giving an even tone and minimizing equipment damage from excess pressure on the needle
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