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HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker
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Save time no need to wait around for cold brew or waste 15 minutes going to the coffee shop each day. Results in one minute you can turn fresh hot coffee into perfect iced coffee in as quickly as one minute! The hyper chiller can cool by up to 130+ degrees in 60 seconds without dilution. Save money the average iced coffee will run you $3-4. It can pay for itself in just two weeks! Compatible with any brew method it is designed to conveniently fit into most full size single cup brewers, has a high-volume 12.5 Oz capacity and a deep lid for easy use with any traditional method.

Dishwasher safe the hyper chiller has four simple parts, easily disassembles and is machine washable. Other uses use it to chill a bottle of wine, your favorite whiskey or some iced tea. The hyper chiller cools all liquids without any change in flavor or dilution! How it works: – To assemble: just add water and freeze. Once frozen, pour fresh coffee from carafe (or brew directly from compatible single cup brewer) into the lid. – One minute after your fresh hot coffee is inside, it will be chilled by up to 130+ degrees – without dilution! – then just pour into your regular drinking glass or mug, & put the hyper chiller back in the freezer for next time.

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