Hypoallergic Air Home Air Purifier & Surface Sanitizer

Hypoallergic Air Home Air Purifier & Surface Sanitizer
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  • NO NEED TO CHANGE FILTERS: This high quality polar ionization air purifier contains only a washable pre-filter, meaning no need for costly replacements and no losing effectiveness over time. This is a powerful air purifier and mold spore remover, all in a low cost, small size package that will keep your home smelling fresh for visitors and help keep your family healthy and happy.
  • BEST ANTIBACTERIAL AIR PURIFIER FOR PET SMELLS: The Mold Guard neutralizes up to 99% of all viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, odors and more, leaving your living space clean, fresh and welcoming without the need for strong chemical air fresheners that only hide the problem. The Mold Guard turns contaminants back into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide, cleaning the air and the surfaces around it. Excellent at removing animal related odours such as wet dog smell or litter tray smells.
  • IDEAL SMALL AIR PURIFIER FOR OFFICE: Using intelligent design to pack a powerful polar ionizer and sanitizer into a small device, the Mold Guard creates clean, healthy air in spaces of up to 100 square feet. It’s also quiet and energy efficient.
  • NO REPLACEMENT PARTS OR FILTERS: The Mold Guard is an indoor air purifier and mold eliminator for home that just lasts – with no need to change a filter and only 2 watts of power use, the Mold Guard is easy to use and energy efficient.
  • EXCLUSIVE ZERO OZONE POLAR IONIZATION TECHNOLOGY: Do your bit for the environment by taking advantage of our exclusive polar ionization technology which splits water vapor naturally in the air into 60 million positive hydrogen and negative oxygen ions every second. The polar ions have been proven to neutralize pollutants, PM2.5 and biohazards than reform back into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. Provide your home with a constant supply of fresh and clean air without hurting the planet.
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