I Donut Care Champagne by Abell Octovan

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Caramel Donuts? Nah. Maple Bacon Donuts? Nah. What about Champagne Donuts? Hell yeah! That’s just what the second variant of i Donut Care is bringing!the golden glazed champagne donut is something you never knew you needed. Life got you down? Treat yourself to a tasty and sophisticated treat. Moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips they say? Flash ’em your finger and give less of a care, sometimes a champagne donut is just what you need.standing at 8″ tall, the vinyl collectible is decked out in a classy black and gold combination. Flip off the naysayers and take a snazzy stand with i Donut Care (Champagne Edition). You gotta treat yourself!artist Abell OctovanSize 8″ – 20 cmproduced Limited editionreleased 2019Label Mighty JaxxMedium abs Plastic

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