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iBallReturn – A Portable, Instant Basketball Return System

iBallReturn – A Portable, Instant Basketball Return System
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A portable basketball return system that can be set up instantly to return made and missed shots from any angle on the court

My story began 3 years ago with a simple question, “How many kids playing basketball use a training device to help with shooting?”. When that answer came back practically zero, I went on a quest to create a device with a single-minded purpose of getting it into the hands of as many kids as possible. Fueling my drive is my love for this game and the desire to contribute to something that brought me much joy growing up. What I came up with is a patented breakthrough design that can change shooting practice forever, with breakthroughs in CONVENIENCE, EFFECTIVENESS and VALUE.

We won’t make unproven claims like being the world fastest manual ball return, but have you seen anything that can return a basketball faster?

Our Rigid-Frame, Direct-Contact Chute Design Allows Balls To Return With Optimal Speed And Distance

The opening on iBallReturn was designed to narrow a shooter’s focus to shooting perfect, dead-center shots. The goal is to not touch any of the flaps on your shots. The intention is that the more perfect you can be during practice, the better off you will be during game time.

Even though our retail price ($189) offers the most features for substantially less, we are giving KickStarter backers AN ADDITIONAL 26% – 48% OFF retail as our way of saying “HELLO WORLD, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!”.

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