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ICE-WATTS: The Ultimate Music Connected Down Jacket Fashion

ICE-WATTS: The Ultimate Music Connected Down Jacket Fashion
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ICE-WATTS:The ultimate down jacket Fashionable in the WORLD with built-in earphones,adapter bluetooth,usb cables,solar power bank and 5 YEARS WARRANTY! 7 COLORS, XS-XXL, MAN AND WOMAN STYLES.

Because we live in a world where music and smartphones are essantials to our daily life and that is why we wanted to create a down jacket that is easy to wear and that matches our lifestyle, we are to present to you the 1st and only down jacket ultralight connected and fashionable.

How this STORY started:

Ice-Watts Corp. is a company that was created by two friends passionate about fashion and technology. Numerous trips abroad enabled Avi to notice several times how essential some accessories are to daily life.

After losing a dozen earphones and after repeatedly forgetting them when leaving for work, Avi decided to go see his friend Ari, a fashion specialist, to find a solution to this problem.

During their meeting on this topic Ari told Avi he was having the same problem, but with his phone battery.

Together they got to work and created after 6 months the first ultralight and fashionable down jacket in the world with integrated Bluetooth/jack earphones that are impossible to tangle up or lose, and with an integrated solar power bank.

There you are, you know everything!

With this Avi and Ari really hope to make your life easier.

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