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icPooch WiFi Treat Dispenser

icPooch WiFi Treat Dispenser
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What is iCPooch?
iCPooch is a revolutionary new way to keep in touch with your dog and relieve separation anxiety while away from home, allowing you to video chat and deliver a treat over the internet. Seamlessly conduct a 2-way video chat with your favorite furry friend and deliver a treat with the press of a button from anywhere in the world. Check on your dog while at work or on vacation to ease your pet’s anxiety (or yours). iCPooch is the perfect solution for deployed military, college bound students who will miss their furry friend, or just the busy dog owner.
What is required for iCPooch to work?

The device needs to be connected to AC power, and (wirelessly) to a wireless internet router. A tablet or smartphone is needed to control the device. The iCPooch unit easily connects to your home wifi using a smartphone or tablet (not included) and the free iCPooch app for Android (version 4.1 and later) or Apple (version 7.0 and later.

What type of dog treats can I use in iCPooch?
You can use a variety of treats from your local pet store. Generally, treats that are flat, square or round, about 1″ in diameter or 1.5″-2″ in diameter, and about .25″ thick will work. Small kibble type treats can be placed in the small plastic dishes that are included. Think of iCPooch as a Pezz dispenser for dogs.

Does a tablet or smartphone come with iCPooch?
No. A tablet or smartphone can be mounted on the device using the adjustable mounting brackets that provides video chat capability via the camera, microphone, speaker, and screen. The iCPooch hardware operates independently of the tablet/smartphone that can be mounted on the device. So you can drop a treat without video chatting with your pet. The device you use for video chat can be mounted anywhere and directed towards our device if you prefer a larger field of vision or are concerned about the safety of your device.

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