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iGoSense – Take anywhere security to your own design

iGoSense – Take anywhere security to your own design
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Tiny and covert, highly integrated, design your own security screen layout and be alerted immediately if motion is detected.
Welcome to our iGoSense crowdfunding page. We have developed iGoSense over the past 24 months and, with your help, are now ready to launch.

iGoSense is a WiFi connected tactical PIR motion sensor. Built from a rugged aluminium body with one click operation iGoSense can be deployed almost anywhere. iGoSense incorporates a sensitive embedded motion sensor designed to operate over a narrow beam width and also a magnetic sensor for direct contact monitoring.

iGoSense connects directly to your smart phone or tablet and alerts you immediately of any detection.

Furthermore the bespoke iGoSense App gives you the ability to create fully customised alert screens to suit your deployment.

Tactical covert design
Robust and lightweight
Long battery life
Exceptional ease of use
Reliable detection
Designed and built in the UK

Usage Examples

Use iGoSense as a home security system, upload a layout of your home to the app and position alert icons in every place you have deployed iGoSense, this could include living spaces, bedrooms, garages and even the garden. If motion is detected you can see the exact position of the alert with just a quick glance.
Create a permanent ‘alarm panel’ style screen by hanging your tablet on the wall or standing on a side table – the options are endless. You could even build it in as part of your existing security suite.
Take camping to monitor your surf board while you are asleep.
Monitor a farm building for cattle which may have escaped.
Detect visitors before they arrive at your front door.
Use while wild camping to monitor for large animals such as bears.
Monitor fire doors and no go areas.
Setup a perimeter security system.
Take fishing and get an early warning of incoming pedestrians.
Monitor contraband for persons approaching
Use on your boat to detect people moving on deck.
Monitor your shed and outbuildings.
Detect sleep walking.
Use to detect people entering your shop.
Deploy at party’s to ensure nobody passes the “no entry” sign.
Add a new dynamic to paintball/airsoft.
Make up your own uses, with fully customised alert screens.

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