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Ikawa Coffee Roaster

Ikawa Coffee Roaster
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The beautiful app-controlled Smart Home Roaster has everything you need to roast incredible coffees at home. Including a World Selection pack; a selection of 6 packs of 500g of green coffee with accompanying Roast Recipes so you can just plug it in and go.

The IKAWA At Home Smart Coffee System includes:

1 IKAWA At Home Smart Coffee Roaster System, 1 World Selection Pack, 2 Collection Jars, 1 Storage Jar, 1 Power Cord and 1 IKAWA Coffee Tray.

Roasting your own coffee may seem complicated, but our system makes it simple.

Why roast your own coffee? Many reasons, including freshness, control and variety. Green coffee stays fresh for months so a cupboard full of coffee choices is the usual with IKAWA. Choose which coffee you’d like, select your Roast Recipe and go.

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