iKettle 3rd Gen

iKettle 3rd Gen
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Alexa… put the kettle on. This sh*t just got real. The ikettle 3rd Gen has taken smart home devices (and lazy hot drink making) to the next level. Laden with a host of advanced new technology, the ikettle is now an official Alexa partner, allowing you to pair up with your Amazon Echo – open up a whole world of creative possibilities. Why shouldn’t you be able to dim the lights, listen to your Reggae playlist and book an Uber while your kettle is boiling? Exactly. For those of you not in the smart home game yet, there are still tons of useful features for you to enjoy: Remote Boil – boil your ikettle from anywhere in the world using the free Smarter App Fully Customisable – adjust the temperature to your liking between 20-100 degrees Water sensors – see how much water is in the ikettle just by looking at the Smarter app Wake Up Mode – gently stir from your slumber to be greeted with the question ‘Good Morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes / No’ Home Mode – another tedious day at work? Have the kettle boiled and ready for when you slump through the front door Formula Mode – night feeds just got a whole lot easier. Remote boil and receive a notification once the kettle is at the perfect temperature for baby formula In short, third time’s a charm for the ikettle – retaining it’s tastefully sleek design and supreme ease of use whilst incorporating the very latest technology. Join the lazy hot drink revolution today.

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