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Immotor Go Intelligent Electric Scooter

Immotor Go Intelligent Electric Scooter
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Immotor GO is the world’s most intelligent and portable electric scooter with cloud enabled technology that delivers a safe and intuitive ‘last mile’ riding experience in tune with today’s transportation needs. Immotor’s award winning Super Battery technology is the safest and fastest charging battery in the industry. The Immotor GO foldable electric scooter syncs to your smartphone and possesses functionality flexible enough to fit your lifestyle.

Take it with you on a plane, train, car, elevator or even a hot air balloon – it never has to leave your side. The GO’s 3-wheel stability, adaptive suspension, electric brakes and tubeless air cushion tires ensures a user-friendly experience for riders of all ages and experience levels. The GO is the first foldable electric scooter for adults and teens that safely solves the first/last mile commuter problem, letting you take charge of the way you move through your life.

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