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Impressor Plus

Impressor Plus
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A Patented, Professional Grade Multi Function Meat Preparation tool of Iron Clad Quality, Ergonomically Shaped and Beautifully Designed. Comes with Interchangeable Handle, Piercing Blades, Smooth & Course Pounder, Storage Base and Use & Care Booklet. All Components are Chrome Plated Zinc Core Constructed and are Dishwasher Safe.

Piercing Blade Attachment: Sixty stainless steel blades tenderize even the toughest cuts of meat, utilizing a technology professional butchers and chefs have used for decades. With a simple stamping motion, the weight of the Impressor does the work. Repeatedly pierce any cut of meat with the Impressor’s 60 razor sharp thin blades and slice through the connective tissue responsible for making meats tough.

Excellent for less expensive grades & cuts, perfect for enhancing today’s naturally raised leaner organic meats, and a must have for wild game and foul. Marinades & brines penetrate quickly and deeply into the meats fibers as they are drawn through the razor thin pathways created by the 60 piercing blades. Cut marinating & brining times down to minutes vs. hours.

Natural juices and marinades are sealed in as cooking temperatures rise and meats plump with their natural juices and flavors. A perfect solution for infusing marinades and flavored oils into thick sliced vegetables before grilling or roasting. Cooking times can be reduced by up to 40% depending on the protein, cooking method and temperature.

Ergonomic interchangeable handle
A 60 stainless steel piercing blade attachment great for fast marinating brining and tenderizing
A smooth pounding plate attachment great for forming cutlets, cracking crab or crushing garlic and nuts
A course pounding plate attachment with a traditional meat mallet like surface.
Universal storage base all parts dishwasher ready

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