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iMpulse Bluetooth Gaming Controller

iMpulse Bluetooth Gaming Controller
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iMpulse Games – Hundreds and growing! Games are being made iMpulse-compatible everyday. We are working with your favorite game developers to increase the library of amazing titles. These Apps downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play work immediately.

NO configurations are needed – just connect your iMpulse and play. Not only does the iMpulse plays everything that the iCade does and more, if your device is jailbroken you have access to 1000’s of games currently running on popular emulators.

Media Control – Movies, Music, Anywhere Take control of ANY iOS/Android-powered Media Player app from up to 100 feet away! Flick through your catalog, adjust volume, and Play/Pause – every media command is at your finger-tips! Supports ALL media apps including Spotify, Pandora, and others. Key Finder – It does WHAT?? Yeah. We love this too. Your days of scrambling around your house looking for your keys are over. The iMpulse is always aware of your device, and is a light sleeper.

Simply activate the free app and press ‘locate’. If your iMpulse is within range (100 feet!) it will start chirping. Small – Designed for your keychain. Always with you. Rechargeable – Recharge and even play when connected via USB.

Multiplayer – Play with a friend! With TwiMpulse, two controllers allow two players on one screen! Ambidextrous – Works with thumbstick on the left or right. Southpaws rejoice! Bluetooth – Quickly and easily connect to your iOS device via bluetooth. Connect once and you’ll remain linked, ready for gaming at a moment’s notice.

Precise Control – The subtle click under your thumb tells you you’re on course with the tactile satisfaction that simply buries the flawed touchscreen alternative. Real Buttons – No more banging the edge of your device while wondering why you’re out of bullets. Keep your eyes on the action instead of your lost controls. The brand new 2014 Version

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