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In-es Art Design Cyrus F Lavagna Floor Lamp

In-es Art Design Cyrus F Lavagna Floor Lamp
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In-es Art Design Cyrus F Lavagna Floor Lamp

Cyrus F Lavagna Floor Lamp has been created with the idea of evocating positive images, that belong to all of us. Its most appealing characteristic is the surface, made purposely to be written on and erased, exactly like a blackboard, lived day by day in a light and playful manner.

The materials are chosen specifically and careful attention is being paid to details as the production of every single piece is being individually supervised to secure the high level of quality.

Steel, nebulite, blackboard effect resin

Black Exterior shade, White Interior Paint with White Base
Black Exterior shade, Red Interior Paint with Red Base
Black Exterior shade, Turquoise Interior Paint with Turquoise Base
Black Exterior shade, Orange Interior Paint with Orange Base
Black Exterior shade, Gold Interior Paint with Gold Base

15.7″ D x 8.85″ H
Base: 16.14″ x 21.6″ x 16.9″

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